Things Are Going to Pop!

Since early yesterday afternoon we have been blessed with a gentle rain. Just exactly what this country needs!

The Spring rains moisten the soil and bring everything back to life. This desert is going to start to pop with color. It’s a beautiful sight. I just love it! But what I love even more is the growth that I see when the Word of God begins to pop with color in my life. I know I’m growing when that happens.

You know that when you face a situation or a circumstance that was a real struggle for you before and this time you “just happen” to remember a verse that you read or you stop to pray when you didn’t before – that’s growth!

Jesus told this story to his disciples.

“3 Then Jesus said to the followers, “Do you understand this story? If you don’t, how will you understand any story? 14 The farmer is like someone who plants God’s teaching in people. 15 Sometimes the teaching falls on the path. That is like some people who hear the teaching of God. As soon as they hear it, Satan comes and takes away the teaching that was planted in them.

16 “Other people are like the seed planted on rocky ground. They hear the teaching, and they quickly and gladly accept it. 17 But they don’t allow it to go deep into their lives. They keep it only a short time. As soon as trouble or persecution comes because of the teaching they accepted, they give up.

18 “Others are like the seed planted among the thorny weeds. They hear the teaching, 19 but their lives become full of other things: the worries of this life, the love of money, and everything else they want. This keeps the teaching from growing, and it does not produce a crop[a] in their lives.

20 “And others are like the seed planted on the good ground. They hear the teaching and accept it. Then they grow and produce a good crop—sometimes 30 times more, sometimes 60 times more, and sometimes 100 times more.” Mark 4:13-20 ERV

I really enjoy getting my garden ready each Spring. It isn’t a big garden at all, only about 4’x12’ but it’s a healthy garden with peppers, tomatoes and flowers. Yes, I mix them all together. Flowers in the back and veggies in the front. Then I have my flower pots and cactus garden that welcome in the bees and the hummingbirds. It’s so much fun to watch the vegetable plants flower because that means there will be fruit. Patience is required. And then we enjoy the harvest as I make salsa.

God’s word is seed that we can plant in our hearts and it will bring in a harvest of His blessings! It is my hope and my desire that as we have covered some of these promises that God has made to us, you have taken them and planted them so they can begin to grow. There is no instant growth. You have to be patient, protect the plants when they are young, water them with prayer, wait for them to flower and produce fruit. Aw, but it is so rewarding! Worry leaves, it’s been pulled out like a weed and peace comes. Condemning thoughts are removed and confidence in God’s love grows tall. Sorrow withers and dies and the vine of joy climbs higher and higher blossoming as it grows.

That’s what this Christian life is all about – growing!

“Since the day we heard these things about you, we have continued praying for you. This is what we pray:

that God will make you completely sure of what he wants by giving you all the wisdom and spiritual understanding you need; 10 that this will help you live in a way that brings honor to the Lord and pleases him in every way; that your life will produce good works of every kind and that you will grow in your knowledge of God; 11 that God will strengthen you with his own great power, so that you will be patient and not give up when troubles come.

Then you will be happy 12 and give thanks to the Father. He has made you able to have what he has promised to give all his holy people, who live in the light. 13 God made us free from the power of darkness. And he brought us into the kingdom of his dear Son.” Colossians 1:9-13 ERV

You see, God has made everything he has promised available to you. He wants your life to produce good things. There are some verses from the Old Testament that I want to share with you in closing today. This is a list of promises that Moses was giving to the Israelites right before they went into their promised land. God had a list of blessings for them and God has also made those blessings available to us.

“1-2 Today I am giving you the laws and teachings of the Lord your God. Always obey them, and the Lord will make Israel the most famous and important nation on earth, and he will bless you in many ways.

3 The Lord will make your businesses and your farms successful. 4 You will have many children. You will harvest large crops, and your herds of cattle and flocks of sheep and goats will produce many young. 5 You will have plenty of breadto eat. 6 The Lord will make you successful in your daily work. 7 The Lord will help you defeat your enemies and make them scatter in all directions. 8 The Lord your God is giving you the land, and he will make sure you are successful in everything you do. Your harvests will be so large that your storehouses will be full.

9 If you follow and obey the Lord, he will make you his own special people, just as he promised. 10 Then everyone on earth will know that you belong to the Lord, and they will be afraid of you. 11 The Lord will give you a lot of children and make sure that your animals give birth to many young. The Lord promised your ancestors that this land would be yours, and he will make it produce large crops for you.

12 The Lord will open the storehouses of the skies where he keeps the rain, and he will send rain on your land at just the right times. He will make you successful in everything you do. You will have plenty of money to lend to other nations, but you won’t need to borrow any yourself.

13 Obey the laws and teachings that I’m giving you today, and the Lord your God will make Israel a leader among the nations, and not a follower. Israel will be wealthy and powerful, not poor and weak. 14 But you must not reject any of his laws and teachings or worship other gods.” Deuteronomy 28:1-14 CEV

As I said at the beginning, the rain is falling, the seeds are planted and blessings are beginning to pop! Thank God for the harvest.

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