Nobody Knows…

Have you ever had one of those pity party days when all you wanted to do was feel sorry for yourself?

It’s a very small guest list; me, myself and I. But before long others start showing up; resentment and hurt feelings come in together, self-pity and depression found their way in and loneliness and anger seem to tag along. Then the band begins to play – it’s a Blues Band. Top 10 on their hit parade are “Ain’t No Sunshine When You’re Gone, Tears of a Clown, Thank God and Greyhound You’re Gone, You’re Cheatin’ Heart and even this oldie but goodie, Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen. Now for the refreshments there’s tears of sadness pouring from the punch bowl and bitterness cake fresh out of the oven of regret.

I hope you’re smiling right now. Done like this it does sound kind of silly but in reality most of us have been there at one time or other. The hurt and loneliness are very real and we truly do feel like no one else knows what I’m going through.

“17 He (Jesus) had to be one of us, so that he could serve God as our merciful and faithful high priest and sacrifice himself for the forgiveness of our sins. 18 And now that Jesus has suffered and was tempted, he can help anyone else who is tempted.” Hebrews 2:17-18 CEV

I try not to get to technical in these morning devotionals but this verse above uses an Old English word in the King James version of the Bible. The word is succor. It has been substituted in more contemporary versions with the word help. According to the Cambridge English dictionary it means “give assistance or aid to.

synonyms: help, aid, bring aid to, give/render assistance to, assist, lend a (helping) hand to;

minister to, care for, comfort, bring relief to, support, take care of, look after, attend to

“the prisoners were succored”

Jesus came to earth to experience life the way we experience it. He faced rejection from his family; problems at work; he knew hunger and exhaustion; he was tempted by power and revenge; he experienced heartache and loss but He came through it all without sin. The reason, so that he could strengthen us in our times of greatest weakness.

“We have a great high priest who has gone to live with God in heaven. He is Jesus the Son of God. So let us continue to express our faith in him. 15 Jesus, our high priest, is able to understand our weaknesses. When Jesus lived on earth, he was tempted in every way. He was tempted in the same ways we are tempted, but he never sinned. 16 With Jesus as our high priest, we can feel free to come before God’s throne where there is grace. There we receive mercy and kindness to help us when we need it.” Hebrews 4:14-16 ERV

I can honestly say that since I have begun to apply these verses to my life I have rarely had a “down” or depressed day. These verses have been my strength, my support and my emotional anchor.

Realizing that Jesus went through all he did to be my strength is an amazing thought. He chose to experience the hurt and the heartache, the rejection, the temptations so that He could run to my aid and bring me relief. He came to be my help and my deliverance!

Time to break up this party – send home the guests and throw the refreshments out!

However, a new party has been planned. New guests to invite – joy, peace, forgiveness, love, gentleness, kindness. And the music – heavenly! Location – the court of the king!

“Come through the gates to his Temple giving thanks to him. Enter his courtyards with songs of praise. Honor him and bless his name.
5 The Lord is good! There is no end to his faithful love. We can trust him forever and ever!” Psalm 100:4-5 ERV

Let’s get this party started!

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