How Far Is East From West

I’d like to pose a question to you this morning. How far is the East from the West?

If you start to travel north from where you are now, how far will you go before you are heading south? You will only go north until you come to the North Pole and then you will head south to the South Pole. Once at the South Pole the process of going north will repeat again. Now, how far east do you have to go before you begin going west? Picture a globe of the world in your mind, head east, keep going until you start going west and then stop. Unlike north/south travel east/west will continue on. A remedial example but it’s pertinent to today’s verses.

“With all my heart I praise the Lord, and with all that I am I praise his holy name!
2 With all my heart I praise the Lord! I will never forget how kind he has been.

3 The Lord forgives our sins, heals us when we are sick, 4 and protects us from death. His kindness and love are a crown on our heads.
5 Each day that we live, he provides for our needs and gives us the strength of a young eagle.

6 For all who are mistreated, the Lord brings justice.
7 He taught his Law to Moses and showed all Israel what he could do.

8 The Lord is merciful! He is kind and patient, and his love never fails.
9 The Lord won’t always be angry and point out our sins; 10 he doesn’t punish us as our sins deserve.

11 How great is God’s love for all who worship him? Greater than the distance between heaven and earth!
12 How far has the Lord taken our sins from us? Farther than the distance from east to west!” Psalm 103:1-12 CEV

This is one of my favorite Psalms and I’ve only listed about half the verses in the Psalm. I encourage you to read the whole Psalm and have provided a link for you here.

Each morning I spent time thanking the Father for His goodness and blessings. Look at this, forgiveness from all our sins – healing all our diseases – protection – strength – justice.

I had grown up with teachings on forgiveness. After all that’s the reason Jesus came. He died so I could be forgiven. But I wasn’t as familiar with these other blessings, not familiar at all. In fact, I had heard it said that God would make you sick to teach you a lesson and that He might cause your business to fail to keep you from becoming greedy. God, the Father, has been blamed for so much that He has never done.

He is patient, kind, his love never runs out. He’s not angry with us and He doesn’t give us what we deserve. In fact, He removes our sins from us. That means when He forgives, he forgets! The worse thing that you’ve ever done has been forgiven and removed. Amazing!

God wants relationship with us; he’s not holding us at arm’s length. Just the opposite. He is drawing us in, welcoming us, embracing us. No matter or circumstance He is here to provide us with what we need. Yesterday I needed strength, today I need protection, tomorrow I may need healing – whatever my need the Father wants to take care of it.

No wonder King David said with all my heart I will praise the Lord. God hasn’t changed since David’s time so let’s join in on that praise today!

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