Everything Has Limits Except God

Some people think that to follow God’s Word and to be obedient to the instructions we receive in the Bible is stifling, constricting and even archaic. But I’m not one of those people! To me the Word of God is vital, living, powerful and life changing in a positive and strengthening way. I can live by God’s word and not be disappointed; His Word never fails, it’s beneficial to my well being. My Father never lies.

As I sit here this morning, I’m waiting for the sun to rise. It’s still dark outside all is quiet but in just a bit the day with dawn, the birds will be out welcoming the day, and nature’s activity will be in full swing. I’m excited to see what the day will hold. We received one of those nice desert rains last night and this morning the earth is soaking in that life giving moisture.

“Lord, your word continues forever in heaven. 90 You are loyal forever and ever. You made the earth, and it still stands. 91 All things continue today because of your laws. Like slaves, they all obey you. 92 If I had not found joy in your teachings, my suffering would have destroyed me. 93 I will never forget your commands, because through them you gave me new life. 94 I am yours, so save me! I have done my best to know your instructions. 95 The wicked tried to destroy me, but your rules made me wise. 96 Everything has its limits, except your commands.” Psalm 119:89-96

When you went to bed last night did you stop to wonder if the sun would rise or the earth would be spinning off in space because gravity lost its pull or would the grass still be growing this morning? None of these were a concern right? The very path of nature is predictable, a constant; it operates as God created it to from the beginning. If we want to see how faithful our God will be to us all we have to do is look at creation. The sun has no choice but to obey the command to rise and set; the tides have to ebb and flow; the seasons have no choice but to process through their cycles; they are as the Psalmist says “slaves”.

Jesus constantly used creation in his parables as He taught his followers the principles of God’s kingdom. In Matthew 6, Jesus was teaching about God’s faithfulness to provide and He used the sparrow and the lily. The sparrow doesn’t get up in the morning fretting if there will be enough worms or bugs to eat – no, they wake up singing! Praising God for His faithfulness and another day of fullness, “My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory…”

The lily stretches her face heavenward and enjoys the morning sun. She drinks in the rain and is refreshed as she grows. Her roots go downward and she receives nourishment from the soil. She is beautifully adorned and all her growth and beauty seem to come effortlessly. God has provided all she has need of for the day.

With last night’s rain the desert will begin to bloom. It’s amazing! The ocotillo stems have dried over the past few months with no rain. The bright orange blooms have faded and fallen to the ground but now with this new moisture it will only be a couple of days and we will see green leaves and festive blooms. It’s their own circle of life. (Sound like a Disney song) No, it’s God’s song, nature’s song and it should be our song.

I’m sure that in all of creation there are a few birds that would be considered unworthy; a few flowers that just don’t measure up to the standard; a few fruit trees that aren’t as good as they should be, they haven’t spent enough time in prayer or attending service or paying tithe or even saying the right thing; but God’s plan comes to pass in all their lives because it’s His plan and it endures to a thousand generations. Now, of course, this is tongue in cheek but I think you get the point. None of us are perfect but God’s plan and purposes are!

Jesus said to consider the lily and the sparrow – are we not of greater value than they? They don’t toil or spin – they are simply obedient to God’s plan. So if we seek first the kingdom of God; God’s plan – God’s purpose – God’s natural flow and His righteousness (His right way of doing things), then all that we have need of will be provided. Why? Because we are such a great example of perfect living before God? No. Because we are so valuable and faithful? No. Because we are so wise and such a step above all the rest? No! Why then? Because it’s God’s nature! It’s His plan and just the same as God’s plan works for every bird, every flower, every seed; He has designed His plan to be the same for each of us – we simply need to trust Him.

Did you notice David’s final thought? Everything has limits EXCEPT God’s word.

Today I encourage you to live as David, in confidence, that God’s word and His faithfulness endure forever!

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