Gift of a Thirsty Soul

The image I am sharing with you this morning is one that was taken in our yard in Idaho about 15+ years ago. It had been a dry Spring and Summer. The natural springs and ponds were very low and some were dry. We lived in an area called the Rimrock north of Coeur d’Alene. It was a Saturday and we were all in the living room when the dogs started their low growl, you know, the one that means something’s up and they didn’t like it. Our living room southern wall was all windows. When we looked out this is what we saw.

A cow moose had brought her twin calves up to rest in the shade and she found water. They stood there was a while just letting the sprinkler hit them in the face and then she knelt down and wrapped her lips over the sprinkler head and just sucked up the water. I had never seen anything like it before or since. Her thirst was overwhelming. She needed the life giving water and would take it from whatever source was available. We had just been telling that sorry to some folks visiting in our home yesterday and here was the picture today.

This is the picture I see when I think of the Bible verse found in Psalms

“As a deer gets thirsty for streams of water, I truly am thirsty for you, my God. 2 In my heart, I am thirsty for you, the living God. When will I see your face?” Psalm 42:1-2 CEV

I’m sure you know that the human body can go longer without food than it can without water. Since our bodies are about 70% water, it is vitality important that we stay hydrated in order to be healthy. No, I’m not going into a teaching on health and nutrition. Just stating the facts. But it is important that we stay hydrated spiritually too.

“I remember to think about the many things you did in years gone by. 6 Then I lift my hands in prayer, because my soul is a desert, thirsty for water from you. 7 Please hurry, Lord, and answer my prayer. I feel hopeless. Don’t turn away and leave me here to die. Psalms 143:5-7 CEV

Have you ever felt that hopeless? Felt like you were completely dry on the inside and had nothing left to give? When it happens we become prey to thoughts of depression, loneliness, hopelessness. We need to have our souls watered – words of encouragement, comfort, kindness, love bring new life and hope back to our hearts.

“All you people who are thirsty, come! Here is water for you to drink. Don’t worry if you have no money. Come, eat and drink until you are full! You don’t need money. The milk and wine are free.
2 Why waste your money on something that is not real food? Why should you work for something that does not really satisfy you? Listen closely to me and you will eat what is good. You will enjoy the food that satisfies your soul. 3 Listen closely to what I say. Listen to me so that you will live. I will make an agreement with you that will last forever. It will be an agreement you can trust, like the one I made with David— a promise to love him and be loyal to him forever.” Isaiah 55:1-3 CEV

Over and over again throughout the Bible we see the reference that coming to the Lord, trusting Him is like receiving life giving water. Jesus told people he was the bread of life. By coming to Him they would find food that sustains, spiritual food, and water that will quench their thirst, soul refreshing.

“Then Jesus said, “I am the bread that gives life. No one who comes to me will ever be hungry. No one who believes in me will ever be thirsty. 36 I told you before that you have seen me, and still you don’t believe. 37 The Father gives me my people. Every one of them will come to me. I will always accept them. 38 I came down from heaven to do what God wants, not what I want.” John 6:35-38 ERV

Now I could tell you that there are many around us that are parched, badly in need of water and that’s true but I get the feeling this morning that some who are reading this are the ones who are parched. You feel dry and used up and just don’t know how much longer things can go on like this. I’ve been there!

Let me share one last very familiar group of verses with you.

“You, Lord, are my shepherd. I will never be in need. 2 You let me rest in fields of green grass. You lead me to streams of peaceful water, 3 and you refresh my life.” Psalm 23:1-3 CEV

When we come to the Lord he takes care of us like a good shepherd takes care of his sheep. He brings us to good pastures so we can eat and rest and He will refresh our souls just like water from a peaceful stream.

Thank you Lord for the gift of a thirsty soul because you give us life giving water.