Prayer of Thanksgiving

Not sure what your day or my day hold but the thing I know is that we are to be in prayer. We are to be thankful for all that the Lord has done, willing to share His goodness and ready to give the answer of Christ to anyone who asks.

“Never give up praying. And when you pray, keep alert and be thankful. 3 Be sure to pray that God will make a way for us to spread his message and explain the mystery about Christ, even though I am in jail for doing this. 4 Please pray that I will make the message as clear as possible.

5 When you are with unbelievers, always make good use of the time. 6 Be pleasant and hold their interest when you speak the message. Choose your words carefully and be ready to give answers to anyone who asks questions.” Colossians 4:2-6 CEV

We don’t need to beat people over the head with our Bibles or try to force Jesus on them. But when we live a life of gratitude for all His wonderful blessings we will be asked why we are always so happy or what makes us always want to smile or be in a good mood even when things go wrong. Even when Paul was in prison he was looking for ways to provide for others; to encourage them, to give them instruction and to infuse them with inner strength.

God has given us a wonderful invitation to visit with Him whenever and wherever we can. Prayer isn’t taking on an exact posture of hands folded, eyes closed, head bowed and knees bent; it IS however an attitude of the heart. Sometimes it’s saying thank you and others it’s saying help.

There are days that I sit on the sofa with coffee in hand and talk to the Lord as I would with any other friend. There are times when I close my eyes to block out everything around me just so I can focus on His presence and center myself in His love. Then there are those times when I’m walking through the grocery store and talking to Him about things that concern me or affect those I love. But whatever the circumstance, wherever the place I know that He is there is listen and to answer.

“The Lord is near to everyone who sincerely calls to him for help.” Psalm 145:18

So today, I will say with Paul – NEVER give up praying and be thankful! It will change your world.