The Best Things Are Meant to Last

We had friends who lived in Europe for a while and one evening they were showing us pictures of places they had been. In casual conversation they told us that the roof on this one home was called a 400 year roof. Yes, a 400 year roof. Any of you who are homeowners know that the roofs we put on here generally need replacing every 20 years or so. What a novel idea to have a roof that will last that long!

We marvel at things that last a long time; we preserve them for future generations…the pyramids, Stonehenge, Tower of Pisa, Great Wall of China, the Sphinx, the Grand Canyon. The Bible.

Sometimes I wonder what triggered some of the things that were written in the Bible. Of course, I know that the Holy Spirit inspired the men who wrote it but what prompted the thoughts that led up to the writing. I’m not comparing myself with them but when I sit here each morning I pray that the Lord guides the words I write so that they, the words not me, will be an inspiration or encouragement to someone each day. This morning as I was praying the words of Psalm 136 came to my heart and I wondered, “who is this for Lord?”

Is someone going to have a particularly trying day and they need to know that your love endures forever? Is there someone asking, “After all I’ve done, Lord do you still love me?” Or maybe someone of us will be asked to love someone particularly un-lovable today and God wants to remind us in a gentle way that He has loved us always and He wants us to love this person like that.

Was David writing this for His own encouragement or for someone he was close too? Maybe, just maybe, God knew what you had been through lately or what you have coming your way and He just wants you to know that His love endures forever! He does things like that you know – He wants to be personally involved in each of our lives and He does little things like this to show us.

I won’t include the entire psalm here but I will encourage you to read it for yourself. His love endures FOREVER! Psalm 136

“Praise the Lord! He is good. God’s love never fails.
2 Praise the God of all gods. God’s love never fails.
3 Praise the Lord of lords. God’s love never fails.

4 Only God works great miracles.God’s love never fails.
5 With wisdom he made the sky. God’s love never fails.
6 The Lord stretched the earth over the ocean. God’s love never fails.
7 He made the bright lights in the sky. God’s love never fails.
8 He lets the sun rule each day. God’s love never fails.
9 He lets the moon and the stars rule each night.
God’s love never fails….

23 God saw the trouble we were in. God’s love never fails.
24 He rescued us from our enemies. God’s love never fails.
25 He gives food to all who live. God’s love never fails.

26 Praise God in heaven! God’s love never fails.”

God’s love never fails – it will last forever!