Through the Eyes of a Child

Of course you know that most of my morning devotional thoughts come from real life experience. This morning while I’m writing this there is a small child in the other room trying to decide to go back to sleep. He’s singing softly and I hope that is enough of a lullaby to put him back into a place of slumber for a couple more hours. Only Besta is supposed to be up this early – doesn’t he know it’s my quiet time?

It’s been many years since Dave and I had a little one, unattended by their parents, to care for. What a joy! Yesterday, we picked Sam up at his home and made the two hour trip to ours. We had a fun time as he giggled and talked from the back seat. It was different than the old days because we couldn’t turn around and see his face, you know, rear facing car seats weren’t a deal when our other grandchildren were little.

Once we were here there was much to explore – doors that needed closing, new toys, different foods, different objects, and the big outdoors. We took feeders to the hummingbirds, filled the bird baths, watched the bees and just lived in general marvel of all there was to see.

There was a walk down the dirt road and a gust of wind. “Wind, blow. Wind, blow. Oooo blow again.” Sometimes we held hands as we walked and others I would hear, “I walk self” and he would drop my hand and then take it back in a moment or two.

What a wonderful afternoon of joyful play and discovery. No wonder Jesus told his disciples that we needed to come as a little child if we wanted to inherit the kingdom of heaven.

“About this time the disciples came to Jesus and asked him who would be the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. 2 Jesus called a child over and had the child stand near him. 3 Then he said:

I promise you this. If you don’t change and become like a child, you will never get into the kingdom of heaven. 4 But if you are as humble as this child, you are the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. 5 And when you welcome one of these children because of me, you welcome me.” Matthew 18:1-5 CEV

The awe, the innocence, the need to rely on Someone, the ability to follow and the hunger to learn more are all the childlike qualities we need to keep in our relationship with the heavenly Father.

One of my best moments yesterday was as we were getting ready to come in from the front courtyard. Sam had walked down the sidewalk to the gate and he stood there knocking. I was behind him and he knew I was watching. He turned around, smiled at me and I told him we needed to go in and see Pappy. He came running with a big smile across his face, got to my legs, stopped looked at me and lifted his hands. When I picked him up I got the biggest squeeze!

I knew that’s how God, the Father, wants us to be – come running, big smiles, and find a hug waiting!

Yep! One of the best days ever!