Solomon building the Temple

Was reading about Solomon building the Temple. David had always wanted to build it but his life was spent in securing the nation and the project of building the Temple was given to Solomon instead. 7 1/2 years and billions of dollars – over 100,000 workers – amazing!

But the most amazing thing is this.
“This is what Solomon said to King Hiram: 3 “You remember that my father, King David, had to fight many wars all around him. So he was never able to build a temple to honor the LORD his God. King David was waiting until the LORD allowed him to defeat all his enemies. 4 But now the LORD my God has given me peace along all the borders of my country. I have no enemies, and my people are in no danger.” I Kings 5:2-4

Solomon spoke of David wanting to build a temple for the Lord his God but now he, Solomon, was going to build a temple for the “Lord my God”.

That really struck me – as a parent David had many children that didn’t grow up to serve the Lord “their” God but Solomon did and he gave personal testimony that the Lord was his God.

What kind of heritage are we living before our children? Do they see the God we love and serve as antiquated and irrelevant to their lives? Or is our God loving, full of strength, power and peace and someone our children desire to have personal relationship with as well?

God doesn’t have grandkids – we aren’t in His family because of our parents relationship. Each one of us need our own personal relationship with our heavenly Father. I’ve heard it said before that being born in a christian family doesn’t make you a christian anymore than being born in a garage would make you a car.

We need to live lives that cause others to hunger for the same peace, joy, victory, strength and reliance on the Lord that we have. We pray for our children every day that God will reveal himself to them in a way that they can see and know it’s God.

“Then all your children will be taught by the Lord, their prosperity will be great, 14 and you will be established on a foundation of righteousness. You will be far from oppression, you will certainly not be afraid; you will be far from terror, it will certainly not come near you.” Isaiah 54:13-14

No one can be forced into salvation – it’s a free gift to be received. But one of the greatest things we can do for this world is to raise our children to honor God and follow His plan for their lives.