Common sense isn’t so common anymore

We’ve discussed this before but there seems to be a lack of common sense and wisdom. Common sense isn’t so common anymore.

I used to read a chapter a day in Proverbs but the older I get I find that I need to break it down in smaller segments than that so I can really try to absorb what Solomon is saying. And after all these years, I am still finding new truths that I overlooked or didn’t see in the past.

I guess that’s wisdom!

“Good people think before they answer,
but the wicked speak evil without ever thinking.
29 The Lord never even hears the prayers of the wicked,
but he answers the prayers of all who obey him.
30 A friendly smile makes you happy,
and good news makes you feel strong.
31 Healthy correction is good, and if you accept it,
you will be wise.
32 You hurt only yourself by rejecting instruction,
but it makes good sense to accept it.
33 Showing respect to the Lord will make you wise,
and being humble will bring honor to you.”
Proverbs 15:28-33 CEV

1) It’s important that we give thought to the words we speak. Jesus said that life and death are in the power of the tongue. Words can have a mighty impact and so we should choose them well. A wise person will do that.

2) Take time to smile and bring good news. I make a conscious effort to keep a smile on my face. It improves my own outlook. A smile shared is a smile multiplied. (If you smile at someone they generally smile back and that’s multiplication).

3) Accept correction and good advice. It’s beneficial! We can learn from others. We don’t have all the answers or know everything about anything so accepting advice and correction is a step toward wisdom.

4) Giving the Lord his rightful place, a place of reverence, is wise. When we give the Father and His Word first place we are truly wise.

So smile today and be willing to accept instruction or correction and keep the Lord first…you’ll have a near perfect day!